Building Talent & Communities

Building Talent & Communities

Sponsorship has long been a cornerstone of the Gohar Group of Companies corporate strategy. As in every area of our business, the emphasis here is on quality, sustainability, and partnership. We are ardent supporters towards the development and preservation of Arts & Culture throughout the world.

Sponsorship has been a firm feature of our corporate and communications strategy, with culture and sports at the heart of our activities.In the cultural sphere, the main thrust of our sponsorship is supporting individuals, organizations, and institutions from classical music, theatre and the fine arts, from around the globe. In sports sponsorship, which is more nationally oriented, the key areas are youth sporting events.

Supporting Youth

Promoting Talented Youngsters in both Sports and Culture is one of the key areas of our sponsorship philosophy. We firmly believe that The Youth of today will shape our society tomorrow. We recognize that in order to make it to the top in sports and culture talent needs to be nurtured and supported from a very early age.

As such, developing young talent is an integral part of the Gohar Group of Companies sponsorship strategy. In the field of culture, Gohar GoC works with institutions that have increasingly become a springboard to a world-class career for young artists. A prime example would be the numerous Film & Music Festivals as well as Sporting Events we continue to sponsor.