Live Your Dream

The Live Your Dream campaign is all about our customers, and their ambitions to build a better tomorrow. Gohar Group is the institution for a changing world: it celebrates its clients as people, encourages them in their endeavours, and supports them with all the resources at its disposal. Our only measure of success is how much we have been able to help our customers to achieve their goals, and we believe that we can achieve this by providing them with the best possible quality of service.

Our People will allow you to Embrace Life as we provide the Peace of Mind; You Deserve. Allow us to be your Modus Operandi towards your Safe Haven. Gohar Group has been serving Institutional, HNI & Retail clientele for more than 3 decades. And we strongly believe in building stronger bonds and relationships with our clients.

The Brand

The Gohar Group logo is called the “taking flight symbol”. The "A" signifies one of the basic factors of the company; Autonomous Excellance, driven through sheer dedication & determination. The Integration of color "Red" in the symbol declares the aim of the company in its strive towards achieving unparalleled success. It symbolise's openness, freedom, development, and the ability to evolve and adapt.

The Gohar Group Slogan

This slogan has been associated with the brand since its inception. It embodies the institution’s values. We sternly believe in the concept of "Building Relationships", as we combine your willingness with our resources to enlighten you towards success.

It projects the confidence and target of the company in helping its clients achieve all thier dreams.