Core Business

A Real Estate Emporium

Gohar Group of Companies is a one-stop property emporium offering a comprehensive range of real estate products for sale as well as for lease, from expatriate housing to hotels and serviced residences to retail, office, healthcare and industrial space.

For More than 3 Decades our business has been to be one of the most dynamic & innovative Real Estate Developers around. Supported by authoritative market research, a deep understanding of property markets as well as a well estabilished network of property specialists; our representatives assist domestic and international clients in every aspect of Real Estate Solutions.

The company is known for developing first-class projects, repositioning older buildings, and providing first-rate services that enhance value for investors and quality of life for tenants.

Gohar Construction KSA has been recognized with many awards for excellence and achievement in ownership, design and management whilst being regarded as one of the nation's most respected real estate firms.

A Currency Exchange Hub

Gohar Exchange is a reputed and fast growing consumer foreign exchange specialist of Pakistan. We continue to service clientele of both inbound and outbound for over 3 decades.

Gohar Exchange Comapny Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2004 and the major factors for its growth and development are because of professional management outlook, experienced customer friendly staffs and modern technological infrastructure.

We are specifically extended to provide superior exchange rates within Karachi's financial hub, as we guarantee to offer you the best exchange rates, hence saving you valuable earnings.

As dedicated foreign exchange specialists in the city, we have the professional expertise, in depth market knowledge, technological infrastructure and commitment to provide you with an unprecedented level of service that sets the standard in the foreign exchange industry.