Corporate Governance

Gohar Group of Companies has long recognized the importance of corporate governance practices that help ensure an environment of effective oversight and strong accountability. “Our assets are our people, capital and reputation, and if any of these is ever diminished, the last is the most difficult to restore.”

Senior Management

The Senior Management is a collegial body that collectively represents all shareholders and acts at all times in the corporate interests of the Firm. It is tasked with monitoring its own composition and effectiveness in advancing the Firm’s interests and carrying out its duties.

Governance Framework

We fully adhere to the principles set out in the Code of Best Practice including its appendix stipulating recommendations on the process around setting compensation for the Senior Management and the Executive Board. Our corporate governance policies and procedures are laid out in a series of documents governing the organization and management of Gohar Group. The Senior Management has adopted a set of Corporate Governance Guidelines aimed at explaining and promoting an understanding of our governance structure.

Committed to Compliance

We place utmost care on ensuring that our employees maintain the highest standards of compliance with all legal, regulatory and internal requirements. Our employees are asked to observe strict standards of professional conduct at all times. Compliance considerations are critically important when selecting employees, developing training tools, defining processes and rules and are a vital element of all our supervisory and control systems.

Rewarding Excellence

We are committed to employing a compensation approach that rewards excellence, encourages personal contribution and professional growth and aligns the employees’ interests with those of Gohar Group, thus motivating the creation of shareholder value. Long-term corporate success in the financial services industry depends on the strength of human capital, and our goal is to be the employer of choice.