Corporate Philanthropy - A Helping Hand

We support a wide range of humanitarian and charitable projects in all the regions in which we operate and encourage employee volunteering activities. We are committed to engaging in activities that go beyond our core business to support the economic and social development and to act as a reliable local partner to help improve the living conditions of disadvantaged people. Many of our employees are actively involved with various charitable organizations as volunteers and board members. A dedicated team works to coordinate the firm's philanthropic efforts and events, and serve as the firm's liaison to nonprofit organizations. We encourage all to donate further, as every penny you give will go a long way towards shaping a better future for our coming generations. We issue a call to everyone to step forward and help in what ever manner they can towards preserving and helping our fellow beings.

Led by the belief that the places we live, work and play in are important factors that inspire progress and success, Gohar GoC is committed to constantly delivering innovations that bring value to our customers, and creating functional, versatile living spaces that will improve and inspire better lives.

We Support

Every year Gohar GoC strives to give back to the community and lend a helping hand in order to safeguard the future generations and correct any injustices in our society so as to make this world a better place for all of us. The Sponsored Charity Organisations are entitled to all donations from Charity Fund Raising events we hold around the year. Furthermore Gohar GoC does its best to help spread awareness and promote these exceptional causes.