The Events Calendar

Our calendar shows an overview of the most important events supported or conducted by Gohar Group of Companies; whether in real estate, construction, culture, charity or sports. The Upcoming Events are as follows:

Launching Ceremony of Gohar Complex

On Sunday FEB 28, 2016
Friday, Saturday, Sunday FUN MELA and KIDS ACTIVITIES

2014-08-17 Ground Break Ceremony, KN Gohar Green City Karachi Project Event
2014-03-10 NEA Couture Summer Launch Islamabad Social Sponsorship
2014-03-18 Engineering & Construcion Conference New York Finance Conference
2014-03-19 Asian Consumer Conference Hong Kong Finance Conference
2014-03-25 Gohar Futsal Cup 2014 Karachi Social Sponsorship
2014-03-28 Annual Report 2013 Publication Karachi Earning Releases
2014-04-10 Not For Sale - Human Trafficking London Charity Sponsorship
2014-04-25 Scholorship Awarding Ceremony Lahore Charity Sponsorship
2014-05-01 Annual General Meeting 2014 Dubai Annual General Meeting

The above table only lists events that are finalized. Further events will be added duly, if you require prompt information on events Gohar Group of Companies is a part of kindly register at