Social Responsibility

An Integral Part of Society

We believe that Gohar Group of Companies has an important responsibility to be a good corporate citizen. But more than that, we are inspired to take an active role in working to better the places where we live and work. Gohar GoC and its employees have been working with selected partner organizations for many years to help address social challenges and improve the living standards of disadvantaged people. Our deeply engrained culture of caring – for clients, employees and our community – attracts professionals who are equally inspired to help others and to be a force for positive change.

Our Role in the Economy & Society

Our first priority is to conduct our core operations responsibly and efficiently in order to generate sustained value for our clients, investors and employees. At the same time, we want to contribute to the economy through our business activities and to help build a more stable social environment. As a reknowned group, Gohar GoC is closely interconnected with the economy and society, focusing on our primary responsibilities toward our clients.

Community Relations

We leverage our resources – financial contributions, employee volunteering, mentoring and in-kind services – to support hundreds of local and national organizations that focus on education and economic development, healthcare, arts and culture, services for the disabled and more.

Collaborative Culture

To support and nurture this environment, our participation committee, made up of employees at various levels across the group, facilitates social events and activities that give all employees the opportunity to interact outside of their daily work roles and foster strong relationships.