The Group

The Group - A Trusted Partner

A dynamic and diversified enterprise, Gohar Group of Companies develops, owns and manages a diverse spectrum of real estate products in the residential, hospitality, retail and commercial space segments as well as Estabilished Businesses in various other industries. Since its establishment in 1988, Gohar GoC has been contributing to the transformation of Pakistan’s urban landscape.

In the emerging global corporate landscape Gohar GoC has been serving with consistency, superior values and commitment in the diversified businesses of the Group. Gohar GoC continues to bring new meaning to its vision, Inspiring Better Lives, by developing properties and operating businesses that strive to exceed customers’ expectations and earn their trust.

Unique Business Model

Gohar Group Of Companies has a unique business model whereby we are growing not by specifically targeting the expansion of our client base but on the contrary by focusing on expanding our services, range of products and helping our existing clientele grow to unprecedented heights.

Gohar Group Of Companies strives to provide exclusive creative & transformative services; whilst endeavouring to be the trusted partner to our privileged clientele. We set new standards in partnering with our clients and providing them with integrated products & solutions.

Our People

At Gohar Group Of Companies, we aim to foster an environment where our leaders and executives challenge themselves with their personalised vision, leadership and action. Their empowerment is activated by a deep understanding of our business imperatives.

The outcome is a shared vision, a creative synthesis of individual aspirations as our people participate in the business to be the life of Gohar GOC, to truly lead our operations and serve our customers with love. This collective purpose will enable us to build an enduring enterprise for our future generations.